Gergely Kovács

Composer, Sound Designer

Gergely was born in Hungary in 1992. Growing up his main interests were music, science, video games and sports. He started his classical piano studies at the age of 6 in Lukin László Music School. His talent was quickly recognized by his teachers and he entered many competitions with great results throughout his studies. He learned to play bass guitar by himself when he was 14 and he played in several metal/rock bands since. He started to develop a serious interest in music production when he was 18. During the next few years he collected equipment, learned to use various software/hardware and honed his instrumental skills.
In 2015 he completed Berklee Online's Producing Music for Film and Games Specialist certificate and in 2016 the General Music Studies Professional certificate. He was awarded Berklee's Celebrity Scholarship for his work in 2015.

He can compose in many styles from metal to classical. He created and recorded hundreds of sound effects including realistic foley noises and futuristic sci-fi sounds. His main interests are film and video game audio, but he also worked on company logos, gave educational lectures and has experience with popular music.

Some of the developers/companies he worked with:

GWAP Financial

Frozen Wasteland Entertainment

Hangoktatás Stúdió

Imaginite Games


Team Credici

Artifice Machine

Astron Informatics

CV: English